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and now we have learned is about to go down. fox news just confirming the web site is now going to be down for extended maintenance this weekend. in just two hours the web site will go dark and should be up by 8 a.m. >> the affordable care act is open for visit. visit and there you can visit insurance plans side by side the same as you would shop for plane ticket on amazon. go on the web site. and check it out yourself. >> this is like a kayak site where you check out what kind of plane you want to get on. >> now, a lot of folks have been talking about our new healthcare enrollment web site how it's been crashing and freezing and shutting down and stalling and not working and breaking and sucking. >> of course, you probably heard that hasn't worked as smoothly as it was supposed to work. nobody is madder than me about the web site isn't working as well as it should. >> by the end of november. we are committed that the vast majority of users will be able to view their options, shop for plans and enrolling without problems way too
on fox. >>> remember this? >> stay out of my business. stay out of my healthcare. >> how in the world are we going to pay for it? >> more government, higher cost, and less choice. >> so what makes you think the government could run a new healthcare program? >> incredible. that was before they passed the law, so now that their worst fears are being realized with the disastrous roll-out is obamacare the threat to individual freedom that protesters warnedded it wod be? hi, everybody. i'm david asman. welcome to "forbes on fox." go in focus with steve forbes, rich karlgaard, sabrina schaefer, john tandy and bruce jackson. welcome, bruce. thank you for coming on. steve, were the protesters right? >> absolutely right in terms of choice. government gives you very little choice. we are ending up as a people paying more for less. no reason a 60-year-old man should pay for maternity benefits. so the whole thing is collapsing. both in cost in terms of joyce and in terms of the roll-out. against the whole grain of american individualism and free markets that is turning caris city to abundance. t
goes on the record riling now. >>> strikes again. >> obama care was a mistake. i don't think obama care has failed. >> the more we hear about the technical problems concerning the website, the more it looks as if it's going to take quite a while and this website will never be quite right. >> we don't care if the website gets up and running, it's just going to prove to be an invitation to find out more problems as to obama care as a whole. >> the next ticking time bomb, increased costs for anyone who gets their health insurance through their employer. >> small business plans are being just denied an cancelled. >> the real problem with obama care is not that the website isn't working, it's frankly that the affordable care act is working just as it was designed. >> the rollout itself and a malfunctioning website isn't the problem, obama care itself is the problem. >> we're seeing costs go up, we're seeing millions of americans lose the insurance that they like. >> hello, everyone, i'm dana perino. the obama care deadline to fix, it will operate much better
.m. you don't want to miss it. >> we will see you back here tomorrow night. >>> strikes again. >> i don't think obama care is failing. access has been a failure a this point in time. >> the more it looks as if it's going to take quite a while. this website may never be quite right. >> it needs to be fixed. >> the next ticking time bomb. increased costs for anyone that gets health care through their employer. >> the real problem with obama care is not that the website isn't working. it's frankly that the affordable care act is working just as it was designed. >> the roll out and a malfunctioning website isn't the problem. obama care, itself, is the problem. >> we're seeing costs go up. we're seeing millions of americans lose the insurance that they like. >> hello, everyone, i'm dana perino. the obama care deadline to fix, it will operate much better than it did in october. much better. that's it? former senior adviser to president reagan joins us. sir, what do you think is going to happen on november 30th? is this going to be another missed deadline for hea
of obamacare. consumers clinching, cutting back as chaos continues with the healthcare law. >> i am going to cut things like haircuts, not eating out as much. not going to the movies. >> uncertainly mounts. will our economy pay the ultimate price and flatline because of this? >> a dicey deal with consequences. white house handing over billions to iran in a new deal. will it take down the national security? she's back. "cashin' in" favorite. >> everybody, minority. >> we warned you about waste and fraud. now, uncle sam realizes we were right. is it time to hang up on obama phone? we are digging up the d.c. dirt right now. >> hi, everyone, i'm eric bolling. welcome to "cashin' in." the crew -- wayne rogers, jonathan hoenig, fields and robert beckel. welcome, everybody. americans thinking twice before opening their wallets. consumer confidence tanking to a seven-month low as people are becoming more uneasy about the job market and their income. one main reason is disgust with the healthcare law. 2009 >> shoppers freaking out because of obamacare sticker shock. what do you say? >> the biggest
are not happy with the affordable healthcare law. and the reason is money. tonight, we will show you what obamacare will really cost. >> a tiny ship called the mayflower is being boarded by 102 people. some the voyagers are people who we call pilgrims. >> john stossel says the pilgrims might have starved to death if they didn't wise up. stossel will be here to change your thanksgiving. >> also tonight another embarrassment of the colorado. has the administration on the defensive. crowley and colmes will break it down. >> you cannot be serious! >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the fa now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the real cost of obamacare. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know, president obama has said in the past that the affordable healthcare law will eventually make healthcare less expensive in america. it might happen. probably not. according to an op. ed today in the "wall street journal," spending on healthcare will reach almost $3 trillion this year alone: that's more than 25% above what was s
promised to have the affordable healthcare website working properly for most people. >> jaar's civil wars are forcing refugees to other countries. the united nations estimate 2.2 million people have fled syria and taken up refugee in other countries. more than a third of them are in lebanon. many are in camps such as one al jazeera visited. >> reporter: we're at a tented settlement in lebanon. they dot the landscape along the border are syria. people live in miserable conditions and they may be safe, they no longer have to face the violence in syria but we're warning of the danger to come, and that is the cold. in this region temperatures drop below zero and you can see people barely have anything. the grouped is all--the ground is all mud and the plastic sheetings do not provide shelter when the rain starts. just look around. just a few weeks ago there was rain and the whole area was flooded. people are worried. they're calling on the international community to help them. but the international community can only do so much. and the lebanese government can only do so much. they have to de
healthcare. schultz is here to tell you how obamacare is impacting healthcare for his employees now. first, a great group of extremely successful business owners join us. pro-computer service president anthony, forbes media chairman and editor and chief steve forbes, michelle paluso and nick -- steve, first to you. first of all, to those who don't know forbes, how big is forbes? how many employees? >> we are a a little under a thousand. we have really down sized this immediate web age. our web site is flourishing but the print side is not nearly as big as it used to be. so we have been going through two storms. one is the economic storm, the obamacare storm and what's happening with the web. so, our whole business model has just been thrown out and so we have gone through turbulent times so we are a smaller company but today we are now a very profitable company. thank goodness. you say turbulent. if you you have some idea of what's going on. are things certain enough owe obamacare for you now. >> decisions have to make a decision a year from now if we ever get rules of the game in determin
promised the healthcar website will be working for most people. >>> syria's civil war continues to hos flood into neighbor countries. 2.2 million people have thread syria and taken up in other countries. many are living in camps of plastic tents to protect them from the elements. we have reports from camps in jordan. >> reporter: thermal blankets and clothing distribution has just started at this camp. you can see behind me there are hundreds of refugee who is are queuing to receive these items on the first day of direction, which is always stress busy. the high thermal blankets are a valuable commodity, especially important for residents and refugee who is are still living inside plastic tents and have much less protection from the rain and the cold and the wind in the winter. now aid agencies are also distributing clothing kits for babies and children up to the age of five. what you see in these boxes behind me includes enough winter clothing for 24,000 children. now each of these winter kits includes quite a bit of clothing items such as heavy jackets, hats, socks,
relaunch of the obamacare web site. >> november 30th does not represent a relaunch of it's it not a magical date. >> it's a failure and people are seeing it starkly and clearly right now and the president is scrambling. >> there will be times after november 30th, when the site, like any web site, does not perform optimally. >> this announcement shows that that enterprise is still encountering major problems. >> this is a disaster and it was a train wreck that has been who has managed anything ever in their lives could have seen coming. >> they still don't know, it sounds like, whether or not they are going to be able to handle some sort of great amount of traffic. >> he should have just told everybody the truth from the beginning. but, you know what? if he had, they wouldn't have passed it. >> yet another delay in the obamacare rollout. hello, everyone, i'm andrea tantaros in for greta van susteren. the white house choosing the busiest travel day of the year to slide in the latest delay. did they really think that nobody would notice? karl rove joins us now. karl, the fir
with the website. what do you think about the wisdom of doing that? >> you are changing the rules after it has been set. what does that do to the actuarial calculations that are in place right now under the assumption that you would have a certain number within that pool? in the sense of getting more people in the pool, that has more than appeal. that is important to the nature of the pool. the larger the pool, the better chance you have of having perhaps lower rates because you will have the only people with health conditions but you will have healthy people in the pool as well. there is an advantage in doing it. i just do not know what the consequences of changing that particular structure would have on the rates. >> one area they have control over us what to do in response to the position to delay open enrollment for 2015 by a month to presumably give carriers an extra month of claims data. it is decided to move this around. what are your members thinking about doing? what do you think the consensus is there? >> some states do have authorities over rates. others did not have any auth
important thing you have, your healthcare to the government. the government has a lot of important things to do. this is not one of them. doctor you came on to the international stage people came aware of your choice resone american people. you are a man of faith and science and medicine as well. i asked you new developments now with with the supreme court agreeing to hear the case contraception and right of corporations to be treated as individuals if they don't want to provide for contraceptive care, morning after pills, things like that. what are your thoughts about that? >> i say this is just a harbinger of the many things that are going to come up when you take the government and put them in a position where they're start to dictating to us about the affairs of our private lives. it's gonna be, you know, contraceptives today, it's going to be something else tomorrow and something else the next day. government, please start thinking about the important things that they need to do. these kind of things will continue to crop up as they are. they are taking independent and free society a
, to the healthcare system. nobody likes their insurance company even if they say they like their plan now. so republicans ought to you have a an alternative that's different from obamacare. >> reporter: democrats are putting a lot of distance between themselves and this program in any way they can in a lot of cases as they head home over the holidays. good to have you here. how about healthcare over the holidays. the president's campaign crew urging you to brush up on obamacare during your thanksgiving dinner. >> what did you want to talk to me about. >> we know you don't have health insurance. >> you know we love i but it's important. >> i know, and i will do it -- never mind ... bill: i ain't going to that house. bill: jonah goldberg saw the ad, then he got an email from organizing for america. then we'll get his reaction on that. will you talk obamacare over turkey come thanksgiving? pretty simple @billhemmer or @marthamaccallum. martha: i'm going to try to avoid. it can be dangerous. bill: all want is a drumstick. martha: you will be throwing drumsticks across the table. i predict that wi
>> offline. was supposed to be bug freebie -- free by the weekend. why it is still not ready >> north korea - why it is holding an 83-year-old veteran. what he confessed to >> an aircraft crashes into a crowded barn in scotland. what survivors did moments after it happened. hello. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford live in new york. the barack obama administration has taken the health care website offline to make repairs. this, after it was supposed to be glitch-freebie saturday.'s insurance application and enrolment systems are unavailable. the obama administration hopes the overnight repairs will have the site up and running in a few short hours. pinks randall pinkston looks at the political fallout. >> house speaker john boehner continued to say in a statement, "the president bit off more than he could chew." the democrats are having a hard time defending it. >> disappointment - we'll have to get past it. the overall project is too important to allow ourselves to be discouraged. >> health and human services fell short of its goal. i is going to go down for extended maintenance. and it should be up, we're told, by 8:00 a.m. but will it work? >> the afford an care act is non open for business. just visit there you can compare insurance side by side. go on the website, check it out for yourself. >> this is like a kayak site, >n where you might check out what g plane you want to get on. >> now a lot of folks have been talking about our new health care enrollment website, how it's been crashing and freezinga and shutting down and stalling and not working and breaking and sucking. >> of course, you probably heary that the website hasn't worked as smoothly as it was supposed u to work. nobody is madder than me. >> by the end of november, we're committed that the vast majority of users will be able to review their options, shop more plans s andit enroll without the proble have been y experiencing. >> the website hasn't worked the way it's supposed to.stuck. right now it's too slow, too im many people have gotten stuck. and i'm not happy about it. i don't think i'm stupid enough to go around
land syria. and look how closely the obama administration is or isn't to fixes . power power of the people until we restore of the people until we restore our freedoms a >> welcome to al jazeera america and here are your top stories. americans vying for great gifts, but this year's rush was uneventful with smaller crowds with many shopping online. >>> more protesting in egypt. police fire tear gas and water canons. 70 people have been arrested. protesters are fighting back against a new law restrict public gatherings. the government said it is needed to impose order. >>> the will be ready november 30th. >> reporter: many have banished the affordable care act. john boehner continued his criticism saying the president bit off more than he could chew with his healthcare law. with all of the problems, democrats are having a hard time defending it. >> the disappointment we'll have to get past it because the overall project is too important to allow ourselves to be discouraged. >> reporter: back on october the first month of enrollment health and human service
that we can do, as physicians and healthcare providers is to manage them in a way that is humane, that's compassionate, and the only way we can do that is by understanding their disease. >> as the prison population in america continues to age, other states will undoubtedly need units like this one to look after inmates with deteriorating mental capacity, but at 100 thousand dollars a year per inmate, where is the money going to come from? at present, no one seems to have the answer. three years ago larry white was released from prison. he'd served a 32 year sentence for armed robbery and felony homicide. he's 72 now. after so long inside, he has struggled to adapt to life on the outside. >> i would get on the subway and i was so self-conscious that i would break out into a cold sweat. because it seemed to me that everybody knew that this guy had just come out of prison, that everyone was staring at me. and i would say "what the (bleep) are you looking at? what the (bleep) is the matter?" (laughs) can't do that... >> while locked-up larry built social networks and programs for pri
of the healthcare law tomorrow. mary katharine ham is not biting. ads of course running to sort of push young people even if they have to do it through their parents to sign up for the healthcare law. normally though the old rule is politics is forbidden at the dinner table. you don't mention it i guess healthcare and obamacare is a little different. >> neil, i don't i don't think u are seeing the upside who needs sweet potato pie when you can pass the propaganda so delicious. obama group ofa sent out email in convenient talking points form for you to give to your family. i think this is obviously a misstep when you are gathering with family this year. i think any political junky and i can say this as somebody who grew up in a hometown where no one agrees with me. has some thoughts things they could refute if they are brought up. number one rule is to act like human being not a talking points robot. i think printing off your talking points about obamacare which has not been going swimmingly lately that's a foul, that's a party foul. >> in my case it's a leap to act like a human being. try to limit i
the cost out, and there's only really two ways that you can take cost out of healthcare. one is you have to make a more efficient delivery system and i think we're on our way to getting a more efficient delivery system. the other one is we have to reduce the burden of disease in the united states. we can't - that we have to take care of ourselves a little bit. and smoking and obesity and lack of exercise are very big factors right now in driving up the cost to healthcare. obesity, for example, now accounts for 10 percent of the healthcare cost in the united states. and we are in the midst of a tsunami of obesity across united states, and that - we have to deal with that. that was left pretty much alone in the bill and i would have liked to have seen more emphasis on trying to help educate people about taking care of themselves and helping all of society from food manufacturers to educators, to food providers to understand that we need to understand this epidemic of obesity and begin to make a change. >> after you analyzed those 27,000 pages and you had a board meeting and you took this t
the problems with workers tied to that website face of frantic worry eight hours. our political reporter is live in the newsroom. scott, what do we have? this is a self- imposed deadline, one of the white house set as a goal. a couple weeks ago they scaled back expectations a bit but you can only imagine behind the scenes there is not an abundance of holiday cheer right now. >> we will spend today just like many of you, sitting down with family and friends to enjoy good food, watched some put all -- >> even on a day of rest, you can bet that there is unrest in the white house walls. caveat according to some people -- >> november 30 does not represent a relaunch of it is not a magical date. with the year-long pause for enrollment of small businesses and more governments like washington, d.c. say they will calledlow any more so- substandard policies, even by the president's request, not to mention supporters of obamacare publicly bashing it. >> i was for it, but we have come to the reality it did not work. poll numbersent's are at the lowest point yet, but still ab
a self-imposed deadline. will be ready for prime time this time? >>> good morning. >> it's 10:00 on the east coast, 7:00 on the west. you are in the "cnn newsroom." >> let's get rolling with the issue. it's a big day after the website's disastrous rollout two months ago. today's the day it's supposed to work smoothly for the vast majority of users. that's at least how the president puts it. >> officials say is and will always be sort of a work-in-progress. tech experts took it down overnight for maintenance, but it's back up and running. the president told abc's barbara walters, he doesn't feel the website's problems have hurt his credibility. let's listen. >> a lot of the criticism is personal. >> yeah. >> people just don't think you're trustworthy. >> well, i don't think that's true, barbara. the truth of the matter is that i got re-elected in part because people did think i was trustworthy and i was working on their behalf. >> and cnn's tori dunnan is in washington. let's be clear about this, though. nobody will be flipping a switch at mid
says it met its deadline to fix but it is also telling people there is no rush to sign up. >> as more enrollment deadlines are pushed back, is the website the least of obamacare's problems? we'll ask two health care experts on opposite sides of the debate, james capretta and neera tanden. plus, our sunday panel weighs in on white house efforts to lower expectations for obamacare's online relaunch. then, skepticism over last week's deal with iran that president obama is calling a victory for diplomacy. >> we cannot rule out peaceful solutions to the world's problems. tough talk and bluster may be the easy thing to do politically, but it's not the right thing for our security. >> but will the deal halt iran's nuclear ambitions? we'll discuss that and the growing confrontation with china with former cia and nsa director, general michael hayden. and our power player of the week this holiday season is not your typical turkey farmer. >> i'm really happiest when i'm engaged in working and thinking and striving. >> all, right now, on fox news sunday. >> and hello again from fox
for several valley charities. >>> the healthcare reform plan has yet another setback as cbs news' tara mergener explains. small businesses will not be able to sign up for insurance plans online this year. >> reporter: small businesses will have to wait a year before they can use the federal website to purchase health insurance plans for their employees. they were supposed to start signing up through this month. the obama administration says the delay will allow its tech team time to make fixes so the businesses can navigate the site. >> it was important to prioritize the functionality that would enable consumers individually to shop and enroll online. >> reporter: in a statement, republican speaker of the house john boehner said the president bit off more than he could chew with this new healthcare law and small businesses are now forced to bear the consequences. the announcement comes as the administration rushes to meet its own deadline to build capacity on by sunday. white house officials want the site to handle 50,000 users at once. but there is still
're looking ahead to tomorrow's deadline for's website to be fixed. as danielle nottingham reports, even though technicians have been working around the clock, there are still concerns another swell of potential customers could just mean more problems. >> reporter: the team of software technicians brought in to increase's capacity has been working around the clock. president obama wants the website fixed by saturday. white house officials say the site can now handle 50,000 people at once. but they're worried a surge of customers over that number could cause more problems. >> they have the right people. the people have confidence that they're going to get it done. >> reporter: john ingate whose company specializes in e- commerce is one of several technology experts who recently attended a white house situation room briefing about the website. >> i'm betting they're going get it done. >> reporter: despite the government website problems, some companies like walgreens are using the new healthcare law as a model to ensure their employees -- insure their employees
administration's self- imposed target date for fixing is tomorrow. danielle nottingham brings us the latest from washington. >> reporter: the team of software technicians brought in to increase's capacity has been working around the clock. president obama wants the website fixed by saturday. white house officials say the constitutional right can now handle -- cite can now handle 50,000 people at once but they are worried a surge of customers over that number could cause more problems. >> they have the right people, the people have confidence that they are going to get it done. >> reporter: john engate, whose company specializes in e- commerce is one of several technology experts who recently attended white house situation room briefing about the website. >> if i had to place a bet, i would certainly say that i'm betting that they are going to get it done. >> reporter: despite the government website problems, some companies like walgreen's are using the new health care law as a model to insure their employees. the pharmacy chain is now turning to private exchanges,
. >> saturday was the deadline to fix the obama administration says it will get the job done. the u.s. a pushing north korea to release an 85-year-old american veteran. officials there say he's being held for war crimes. >> hello, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford live from new york city. the prime minister of thailand narrowly escaping attempts by protesters to overthrow her government. police were firing fear gas. anti-government protesters broke into oo compound where the prime minister was hiding. she avoided the mob and was tape to an undisclosed location. two were killed, dozens injured. wayne hay is covering the event in bangkok. >> hopefully i can get a few words in before the next cloud approaches me. they started using weak tear gas, but they have upped the ante, the police. it burns not only your eyes and mouth, but your skin when it comes in contact. at the moment we are seeing sporadic results by the protesters, coming towards the barriers erected outside government house. the police are firing back with tear gas bombs. it pushes the protesters ba
we spend on and doesn't work, that's only the tip of the iceberg. maybe they will get that fixed. >> kathleen sebelius vowed the sequel will be better than the original. >> we're definitely on track to have a significantly difference user experience by the end of this month. that was our commitment than people experienced on october 1st. the experience is vastly improved each and every day. >> if any president could benefit from a hollywood rewrite, it's the incumbent. it's damaged mr. obama's approval ratings. even assessments on his confidence and honesty. one historian sees no modern president succeeding in the tasks facing this one. >> bill clinton with i did not have sex with that woman faced a similar kind of credibility crisis. and did manage to exit with good popularity ratings. that was a personal issue, not a policy issue. the american people are always willing to listen to a president who has something to tell them. i think he still has a chance to get some of that trust back, but this was a blow. there's no doubt about it. >> california led the country in s
to fix problems with . and mike viqueira has more on this. he's at the white house for us. how about this timing heading into the holidays, and we get this dump of bad news from the administration. >> reporter: yeah, that's right oh out of the standard public relations playbook here in washington. bad news before the weekend. something that is more significant was dumped out into the news environment, and that is a delay in the employer mandate to supply a health insurance to its employees. this is not the quite the catastrophe that the launched two months old has been. all the frustration and anger that people are feeling as they try to get enrolled in healthcare. something that they're going to have to do. if you're a small businessman you're not compelled to supply or offer healthcare coverage to your employees. if you want that, the idea is you could go online and shop around, find a policy, be eligible for tax credits to make it affordable for you. but they could not get that together. with everything else that is going on and all the around the clock
a self-imposed deadline, will be ready for prime time this time? >>> good morning. i'm alison kosik. >> and i'm george howell. thanks for waking up with us this morning. 6:00 on the east. we have a lot to cover this morning. >> there is a lot going on. >> let's start with the developing story, a helicopter that crashed through the roof of a backed bar. people are trapped inside. search and rescue teams are desperately working to pull them out. the chopper crashed into a building just as people were inside watching a band perform. cnn's rich art quest joins us by phone from glass cow, scotland. richard, we heard several unconfirmed reports of the fa fatalities. >> reporter: good morning. it's been the police commander says he's concerned that at least one fatality, but he has also warned that that number is likely to get higher. we know that more than 30 people have been taken to hospital. and although they're still saying it is a rescue operation, it's believed there are also other bodies still inside the pub. many were regulars from last night. -- into the morning, s
will pardon the web site the way he pardoned the turkey, but as they race a self-imposed deadline to fix the site, new word it's giving up on yet another part of the affordable care act for a whole year. >> when you run out of things to talk about with the relatives tomorrow, how about going to a place where you can all sit quietly and not look at each other? your best bets for thanksgiving at the movies. >>> welcome to "the lead," everyone. i'm john berman, filling in for jake tapper today. our national lead is thanksgiving travel. you may have to spend a lot longer staring at your departure gate than you ever wanted. you may have to endure a few extra hours of the kids yelling in the back seat, but the good news is, besides the fact they love you, probably, is despite the storms stretching from the mid-atlantic to the northeast causing lengthy delays, many of you should get to your destinations with plenty of time to fall into a tryptophan coma in front of the television. the bad weather is on its way out, but it has nasty parting gifts for some areas. one of ou
? the obama administration declares it has met the self-imposed deadline this weekend and is fixed claiming the worst of all the bugs and the glitches and the crashes that have frustrated people are over and that the site can now cover its intended load of 50,000 people at once. they say it doesn't mean the site gets a clean bill of health. key parts remain unfinished and there are lingering questions over the security of inputting your personal business, your personal information on the website. live with the news tonight, steve? >> the obama administration is claiming victory in its push to fix that troubled health care website. was officially launched october 1st but only now is it working properly. the agency responsible for building the site issued a six-page performance report saying the website's moving smoothly for the vast majority of its users. an obama adviser talked about the progress in a conference call with reporters. >> the site is now stable and operating at its intended capacity with greatly improved performance. the speed has more than
. it is not a relaunch. president obama speaking at a sin doing the flex of devilling should be fully ironed out. >> we are working ore time to get this fixed. the web site is already better than it was at the beginning of october. and by the end of this month we anticipate that it it is going to be working the way that it is supposed to. and folks are working 24 sla/7 make sure that happens. >> aids to ahhs secretary kathleen sebelius acknowledged about 20,000 people were able to use the web site to purchase private health insurance in the first month of signups. it will be a significantly different user experience. >> the system will not work perfectly on december 1st but it will better than it did in october. if with he experience extraordinary demand they will not be able to complete the application. >> to avoid crashes they have delayed the on-line enrollment of small businesses for one year. >> james rose inten, live in washington, thanks. >>> as the obama administration does damage control, a group gets a million dollar grant to success enrollment success stories. it is called
. and it begins with a shutdown. overnight out of service. will it be up and running in time to keep the president's promise? we will bring you the latest. >> caught on camera mayhem at your local mall. a black friday frenzy, leading to reports of violence all over america. including one woman taking out a taser on her fellow shoppers ahead. >> did she get that tv? she did. a family has a lot to be thankful for today after high speed crash into utah home on thursday night. their surprise hero josh romney, son of former presidential candidate mitt romney. how he pulled the family of four to safety. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> so, good morning,. >> good saturday morning, everyone. did you have a wonderful thanksgiving. >> yes, we missed you. >> i missed i. i would say i did not wake up early enough to show. i heard it was great. >> what you should do on thanksgiving when you are off. >> you spent the holiday with 20 people. >> we always have a big thanksgiving dinner. including you next year. keep that in mind. >> i didn't get the invite until today. >> a lot o
trying to buy healthcare coverage. administration says today is the day the site will work for most users. will it? we'll have a live report. even the site does work after a stream of missteps and missed deadlines will it be too little, too late? i'm doug mckelway in for uma pemmaraju. one of obamacare's harshest critics, congresswoman blackburn is standing by. but first go to chief washington correspondent, james rosen. >> good afternoon. from president obama today semi-official relaunch of obamacare 2.0 could prove a decisive point in his presidency. the latest fox news poll conducted before 2014, when obama issued a hour long mea culpa. the poll found high 55% of registered voters disapproving of the chief executive job performance. 4 in 10 approved. 5% said they didn't know enough to form an opinion. of the president's off-repeated promise if you like your health plan you can keep it. fully half of the registered voters think that obama lied. four in ten believe he didn't know that promise would turn out to be untrue. only one% think he was exaggerating. 10% don't know what to think.
. >> and by the way, if, this is a big if, the website gets working and people start signing up for healthcare, it's a major transformation which many of us want which is better healthcare coverage for all americans. you would have had a good second term held up at the moment by a glitch in healthcare websites and some of the bad mistakes he made on policy. >> tea party is about social issues. immigration reform -- those 80 people in the house will not pass it. >> i think the other thing that happens here is as a president runs his last election, his view gets broader and broader. just at the moment everyone else is in the system and gets narrower and narrower. they have another election. everyone gets to deal with it in congress and has another election. he doesn't. talking to john kerry has a lot of appeal. talking to susan rice has a lot of appeal. >> did you find that ex-presidents when they reflected, were there regrets? did they look back on particularly that second term because that was their last chance to do anything? >> they all left office with regret to things they had left undone. no
people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. >>> we are back with tonight's outer circle. and tonight we begin in moscow, with authorities detained 14 suspected radical islamists in an overnight raid. phil black is "outfront". >> police say they became aware of this group, because they were carrying out various crimes, including theft and selling drugs, and they now believe the purpose of those crimes was to fund terrorist activity. security services raided an apartment in eastern moscow, arresting 14 people. there they say they found three homemade explosive devices with detonators and one of them, they say, was designed to be worn as a belt. they said they also found handguns, ammunition, bomb components and grenades. a 15th person was arrested at another location later on. those arrested were a mix of nationalities from across central asia and parts of russia,
. will be fixed by the deadline the administration made itself this saturday. >> they knew it would fell and they rolled forward. supposed to be fixed in less than a week from now but they know it will not happen. not everyone is so down on >> access to observe care is a failure at this time and it needs to be fixed. >> the president policy focus today will be immigration at an event in san francisco. >> peter doocy joining us live. flush flurn >> the obama administration is now accused of turning its back on an american pastor while making a new deal with iran. saeed abadini sits in a prison because of his christian faith. he has been there for more than a year. they urge john kerry to secure his reliease before economic sanctions. officials admit it never came up the pastor is serving an 8 year sentence. >> former governor sarah palin speaking out about comments about host martin bashir. after they announced the national debt to slavery he said he should suffer the same re's his reaction on sunday.ury >> everyone in life has shots you have a decision to ma
. the clock is ticking until the administration's self imposed dead line to get running smoothly. the white house scaled back a marketing campaign planned for the relaunch out of concerns that it may draw too much user traffic to the fragile website. chris wallace is editor of fox news sunday. >> this is very interesting, alisyn. they are saying november 30th and this is the deadline and get everybody to sign up. they are scared and they are worried too many people will crash the website and we'll be reporting about the signs saying that is not available right now. and they are telling the labor union supporters don't drive them to the web set on saturday. they can handle 50,000 people at one time. but it could be 250,000 and it could crash the site all over again. >> but that is not inspiring confidence, chris. the idea that they don't know it sounds like whether or not they will be able to handle some sort of great amount of traffic. what is the thinking inside of the beltway where you are about how ready this website is? >> people don't know. it clearly
much. up next the clock is ticking on the president's website., the president said the website will be up and running by november 30th. we'll see if that deadline will be met. stay here. you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. how naughty was he? oh boy... [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. video in to show you. this is of president obama. you see him there. there he is there in the center of the screen. he and the first lady back to the white house after visiting a group on the national mall fasting for immigration reform. several other top white house officials including the vice president have visited fast for families in recent weeks. the white house is taking a new step to fix the disastrous rollout including by the president's account it was disastrous, rollout of they are working on an easy a
, the administration had hoped that 1.2 million americans would be signed up for health insurance by now but only about 106,000 have done so according to the latest numbers the government released at the beginning of this month. the white house has pledged that by november 30 the system will be working smoothly for the vast majority of users. it will happen? sharyl attkisson takes a look. >> reporter: just hours before's fixes are due, nobody can say how well they'll work-- not even john engates, one of a half dozen outside it experts offered a private briefing at the white house this week. >> if i had to place a bet i would certainly say i'm betting they're going to get it done there's no way for sure to know. >> rep recent days, hundreds of technicians have implemented hardware upgrades, code fixes and two major software overhauls. an official affiliated with the project says it's now meeting targets with pages responding within a half second of a click and users getting errors less than 1% of the time. that official said the key challenge this weekend i
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